Community Blogging Events

The folks in the WordPress blogging community are, in the words of Kim from LaterLevels, friendly and lovely. This page will showcase the events that those friendly and loving folks are hosting/promoting or participating in:

LaterLevels: Question of the Month


Event is ongoing.

Speaking of Kim from LaterLevels, this event is hosted by her once a month during which time she invites a blogger to pose a question to the rest of the community. At the end of that month, said blogger will choose his or her favorite response and Kim will announce the winner!

This month, Kevin from TheMentalAttic challenges everyone with a question about new year fitness resolutions. He asks “which video game character do you recruit as your personal trainer to get you back into shape?”


Kim writes that in order to participate this month you should: “publish your answer to Kevin’s question at a time that suits you before 23 February 2018 and leave us a link below. There are no rules on word-limit or format so you can be as creative as you like: write a post, record a video, create a drawing, or impress us with another unique idea.”

Ambigaming Corner: The Year of the RPG

Athena Year of the RPG

Event Ends: End of Year, 2018.

Join Athena @TheAmbiGamer and friends for The Year of the RPG.

Athena invites you to join an epic play through of eight RPGs in 2018. The idea is to play through these games alongside the blogging community, while keeping said community posted on the progress of your character by writing back to us with letters signed by [Your RPG Character Here]. Visit The AmbiGaming Corner, check out the rules and list of games; if you’re interested in coming along, make sure to reach out to Athena for the details. I can’t wait to start!

SpecialEffect: GameBlast 18


Marathon taking place February 23rd – 25th, 2018.

The team @LaterLevels is participating in @GameBlast18 and @SpecialEffect event, the UK’s biggest Gaming Marathon Weekend. The event goal is to raise $100,000 to get thousands of people with physical disabilities gaming again. “It’s the best reason to game ever! Organise your own gaming challenge during 23-25 February and help SpecialEffect level the playing field for gamers with disabilities.” Check out the page linked above for more info on how you can participate! I’m already working on an idea!

Adventure Rules: Secret Valentine


Event Ends: February 14th, 2018

Ian @adventure_rules is hosting a Secret Valentine blogging community event. He wrote “Once all the bloggers have signed up, I will randomly draw names and assign every participant a Valentine in secret. Your mission is to write an appreciation post for your Valentine, highlighting some of your favorite posts by them and sharing with the community why that person is awesome. Schedule it to be posted on Valentine’s Day, and then on Wednesday February 14th everyone will get to find out who their secret Valentine was!” I’m excited to surprise my Secret Valentine!

The cut-off date to participate was 2/7/2018, but it’ll definitely still be worth checking out.  Make sure to swing by the Adventure Rules Blog in the future for more events.

The Well-Red Mage: Asking Big Questions #005

What is your favorite game for every year you’ve been alive?


Event is on-going.

@theWellRedMage asks: Can you name your favorite game for every year you’ve been alive? I’m going to start working on my list today. 1991 feels like a long time ago, but i’m excited to take a walk through time and am ready to be awed as I take a good look at how gaming and I have grown! Swing by the Asking Big Questions page to keep up with all of the latest and greatest from The Well-Red Mage.

Update: I finally finished my list and it turns out, I had to write it twice to get it just right. Really though, I had to write it twice because my first post was lost when my app crashed. Check it out if you missed it and let us know which games were your favorites!